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Company Profile

Company Profile

Guangdong Meizhi Compressor Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “GMCC”) was founded in 1995 with the registered capital of $55.27 million. The products are applied widely to air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigerated cabinets, heat-pump water-heaters, dehumidifiers, driers, refrigerated trucks, water dispensing equipment, etc. Currently, GMCC has four production bases in China, which are Guangdong Meizhi Compressor Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Meizhi Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. located in Shunde, Guangdong, Anhui Meizhi Compressor Co., Ltd. located in Hefei, Anhui, and Anhui Meizhi Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. located in Wuhu, Anhui.


The Company has two major brands of household appliances: GMCC and Welling. It has set up six R&D centers in Shunde, Hefei, Shanghai, Austria, India and Japan, and has 11 factories in Shunde, Hefei, Wuhu, Huai'an, Changzhou, India, etc. It has an annual production capacity of 90,000,000 air conditioner compressors, 38,000,000 refrigerator compressors and 220,000,000 motors.


Welling has 4 factories for its motor products which are located in Shunde Guangdong、Wuhu Anhui、Huaian Jiangsu and Changzhou Jiangsu respectively with a production capacity of more than 220 million units of motor per annum. Welling jointly invested to build Huaxiang Industry Park in cooperation with Shanxi Huaxiang Group, and came into the casting industry with an annual output of 0.18 million tons of castings. In addition, Certain wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Company including Guangdong Welling Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Foshan Welling Washer Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,Wuhu Welling Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. and Huaian Welling Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. were accredited as high-new technology enterprises by the PRC government.


In the future, GMCC&Welling will unswervingly pursue the connotative and intensive development, sustainable development and green development on the premise of knowledge innovation and accumulation, focus on promoting the comprehensive competitiveness of products basing on performance, quality and cost competitiveness, and devote ourselves to make the compressor and motor business stronger and bigger, to continue to provide customers with the world’s leading environmental protection and efficient products and services, and leap from good to great with all the friends of home appliance industry together!

Production Base

There are seven R&D centers and eleven intelligent factories in the world.

Guangdong Meizhi Compressor Co., Ltd.

Welling Shunde washing machine motor plant

Welling Shunde DC motor plant

Welling Shunde air-conditioner motor plant

Changzhou Base of Welling (Changzhou Factory)

Huaian Base of Welling

Anhui Meizhi Compressor Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Meizhi Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Anhui Meizhi Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

GMCC European R&D center

Eleven factory