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Technology Solutions

Solution for the Motors with “High-quality Cores” and High Reliability

I. Technical Background
As one of the core components of air conditioners, the motors of air conditioner external units have no new changes at all during decades of development. Most of the quality problems of labor intensive products are caused by human factors. Therefore, Welling has specially developed the solution for the motors with “high-quality cores” and high reliability, and has peculiarly researched and developed a series of motors of air conditioner external units that are suitable for automation and product consistency, which has specifically improved the supply ability during the peak season, product quality and competitiveness, and has effectively enhanced the quality of household air conditioners.


II. Overview of Technical Scheme
According to the research findings, the technical obstacles are mainly caused by the challenging problem of automatic coil winding of stators. Welling uses the iron core splitting technology to realize the automatic coil winding on the ends with overlapping windings, which is a global initiative technical solution. It has overcome various key technologies, such as iron core splitting by using special tooth-shaped yokes, direct coiling of the distributed windings with high degree of slot fullness, interference pressing of special tooth-shaped yokes, zero damage slotting of stator inner circles, etc., which has filled the international blank in technologies.

III. Technical Features
1. Advanced Technologies
The technical level of motors has been greatly increased. 


2. Mature and Reliable
The product procedure has decreased by 40% by virtue of this solution. People are used to rely on working procedures, while they have been replaced by automation equipment at present. The pass rate on the production line has been up to more than 99%.



IV. Technological Achievements
A. Patent: 11 patents for invention, 11 patents for utility models, and 1 design patent;
B. Standard: Apply for revising the product noise and temperature rise specified in the standard of JG/T 4270;
C. Awards: Welling won the second prize of the China Household Appliance Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement in 2014, and won the Appliance Core Award in 2015.



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