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Technical Innovation

Green Innovation

In order to maintain the competitiveness of core technologies, GMCC continues to input a large number of research resources and introduces more than 130 sets of advanced equipment worth over RMB 200 million. It establishes an excellent R&D center, and has passed the national laboratory certification and UL CTDP certification. Welling hires foreign experts and senior engineers as the main force of technical R&D to form a R&D team with international motor experts as leaders, Doctors as core members and Masters as main members for main study of foundational technology, core technology and prospective technology in motor industry. By the end of 2019, GMCC and Welling have obtained more than 4,000 patents.

Independent R&D Platform

There are six R&D centers in the world, administering multiple UL certified laboratories and national key laboratories, with a complete basic technology research and product development system and more than 900 scientific and technical personnel of variou

Innovative Research Team

It has established the structural layers of knowledge made up of Doctors, Masters and Bachelors and meanwhile has laid the vertical title network composed by senior engineers, engineers and assistant engineers, so as to efficiently ensure R&D capability a

Modernized Experiment Equipment

The PDM system and the whole set of advanced experiment test and analysis system and lab, including the most advanced noise lab, compressor calorimeter lab, compressor monomer durability, compressor trail room, motor performance lab, and enthalpy difference

Production Facilities

Research Equipment

Key Labs

Key Labs

Labs are cradles of science and based of research. GMCC and Welling establish five labs through continuous resources input to undertake the important mission of excellent development.

Compressor monomer durability lab

It is equipped with compressor durability test equipment with high precision and high reliability produced by international companies, like CHINO, Japan, as well as almost 240 test beds, to independently face durability test projects under different working conditions at the same time.

Noise test and analysis

It is equipped with nine semi-anechoic room in compliance with ISO3745 and GB6882 standard as well as many sets of noise/vibration test instruments and analysis software from internationally famous manufacturers, like B&K, LMS, etc.

Motor performance lab

It is equipped with motor performance test equipment (dynamometer) in internationally famous brand and the equipment possess high precision and high reliability.

Air-conditioner performance lab

It is equipped with four sets of independent enthalpy difference labs and one set of (one with three followed) comprehensive enthalpy difference lab, to face performance and reliability evaluation test for new products with air conditioner system of compressor as well as heat pump water heater. Automatic data collection and analysis system in the lab ensures accuracy and reliability of rest result.

Compressor calorimeter lab

It can face performance tests for, within 500-35,000 capability range, every kind of compressor products with various categories of power supply and under various conditions in the main areas around the world; repeatability precision is up to ±1.0% and accuracy precision is up to ±1.0%.

Physical and chemical laboratory

It is equipped with the residual foreign matter testing device, the moisture content testing device for whole machine and other testing instruments. The tests and analysis such as the tests on residues for components and whole machine, as well as the tests on moisture content for whole machine can be conducted in the laboratory.

Cooperative Institution

GMCC & Welling, with the open attitude of the industrial leader, maintain firm communication and cooperation with domestic and abroad manufacturers, research institutions and higher education institutions to improve their R&D capability gradually. They also establish strategic cooperation partnership with Toshiba Joint-stock Company, Japan and maintain normally deep communication; they conduct exchanges and publish academic papers in the highest academic institution of international refrigeration field - Purdue University, US, to make a professional sound to influence the world.

Projects with cooperated universities and colleagues mainly include:

Academic flow cooling theory

At purdue university

Mechanism study project for mechanical noise of compressor

Tsinghua university

Compressor mechanical noise mechanism research

Xi 'an jiaotong university

Compressor technology

Toshiba corporation

Research on new refrigerating machine oil

JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

Vibration of air conditioning pipeline system, stress analysis and study, and software development

Huazhong university of science and technology

Scientific Research