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On HAPE discussion, GMCC talking about "low temperature strong heat technology"

2020-01-08   1450views

On January 7, "International Heat Pump and AC Zero Part Energy-saving Technology Discussion and Exhibition" and "HAPE2020 Heat Pump and AC Supporting Parts Sourcing Festival" was opened in Shunde, Guangdong. GMCC exhibited its "DC Inverter Heat Pump Heating Compressor with EVI" on the activity, showing its mature air-jet enthalpy increasing technique that has been applied in different fixed-frequency or variable-frequency rotary or vortex compressors. 
On the technology sharing session, GMCC heat pump product development representative, by talking on the topic of "GMCC-Low temperature heat pump compressor technology and its application", shared GMCC's technology application of EVI compressor and next generation universal coupling compressor in low temperature field.