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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

Adhering to our strategic target and development direction, we come up with a "people oriented" and "ability oriented" dual-talent concept, which sees employees as the company's greatest capital and wealth, and focuses on improving their abilities and knowledge and exploring human resources and talent value; we have been consistently investing all necessary resources and providing excellent environments and mechanisms to cultivate future-minded talents, which will in return benefit the enterprise in the long run.

Talent Strategy—to realize sustainable development in human resources

Talent Introduction:

Spare no efforts in introducing high-level talents with international visions and completing talent echelon construction;

■ Mechanism Reform:

Introduce and establish an HR three-pillar (BP, COE, SSC) mode;

  • Create excellent environments and humanistic atmosphere
  • Superiority in skills and efficiency brings about high income
  • Payroll mode reform provides a desirable motivation for employees
  • Lean workforce management brings workforce benefit to its maximum level

Steady Basic Level Improvement:

Try best to raise workers' average full-attendance income to over 10,000 Yuan/ year by 2019.

Talent Introduction Principles:

Five Usable People

People with virtues

People with strong executive force

People good at learning

People who takes responsibility

People who puts team first

Five Non-Usable People

People unfamiliar with their own tasks

People inattentive to details

People without overall concept

People unwilling to cultivate subordinates

People not adaptive to changes

Talent Structure

Talent Structure

Employees' values are built on 7 cornerstones—communication, team, efficiency, competition, openness, initiative and dedication. "Dedication, interaction, high efficiency, competitiveness" are used to clearly demarcate the core value orientation, cultivate and build a team of high values, so as to help the enterprise to realize its strategic target of global leadership. We promote growth of enterprise value together with employee value, consistently provide employees with study, work and self-challenging opportunities and commit ourselves to sublimation of both enterprise and employee spirits.

Talent Career Planning

We provide employees with development spaces better catering to their own aspirations by means of a dual-career development path featuring both profession and management, thereby sustaining the company's development in the long run.

Profession Career

Management Career